Installations in all types of buildings!

About us

EM ELEKTRO BREČKO d.o.o. is successful family company, with cristal clear vision and strategy. From the beginning in 1993 we always have in mind the progress and knowlage which are importaint ingridients to realize all projects. We are working on all types of electrical installations, speacialy we are specialized for installations and montage in car industry.

At the momment we have more than 25 experiances and qualified electricians who can face with every works.

In our almost 25 year history we were working and finish a lot of site.

Some are listed below:

Car industry

  • Magna Steyr, Graz
  • VW Bratislava, Slovakia
  • VW Pune, India
  • VW Wolfsburg, Germany
  • VW Kaluga, Russia
  • VW China
  • Seat, Barcelona, Spain
  • Audi, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Audi, Neckarsuln, Germany
  • Audi, Puebla, Mexico
  • BMW, Steyer, Austria
  • BMW, USA
  • Porsche, Leipzig, Germany
  • Mercedes, Rastatt, Germany
  • Mercedes, Aksaraj, Turkey
  • Mercedes, Wörth, Germany
  • Mercedes, Ketskemet, Hungary
  • Mercedes, Vitoria, Spain
  • Mercedes, Alabama, USA
  • GM, Sankt Peterburg, Russia
  • Opel, Gliwice, Poland
  • MAN, Steyer, Austria

Storage warehouses

  • Amazon, Zentrallager Germany
  • Kaufland, Zentrallager, Germany
  • Airport Vienna, Austria
  • Airbus, Hamburg, Germany

Biomass power plants

  • Linz, Austria
  • Liège, Belgium
  • Bochum, Germany


  • Ločica, Slovenia
  • Jasovnik, Slovenia
  • Dekani, Slovenia
  • Kastelec, Slovenia
  • Markovec, Slovenia


  • Rutar, Kranj, Slovenia
  • Interspar, Velenje, Slovenia
  • Tuš, Vojnik, Slovenia
  • Penzion Kračun, Loče, Slovenia
  • Strojegradnja Marguč, Slovenia
  • Tiskarna Petrič, Slovenia
  • Satler okna in vrata, Slovenia
  • Airport Loče, Slovenia
  • Apartments Kragulj, Rogla, Slovenia
  • Apartments, Seča, Slovenia
  • Apartments, Piran, Slovenia
  • Blokovsko naselje, Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia
  • Ledger center, Rogatec, Slovenia
  • Hotels, Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia